“Don’t Walk Away”
Charity Single

Casey Leigh - Don't Walk Away

Casey Leigh – Don’t Walk Away

This song was written by Casey Leigh (www.caseylofficial.com) to contribute towards the medical expenses of 6 year old Casey Fitzgerald’s aftercare, following life changing surgery.  Further details about Casey can be found below.  Proceeds will also benefit The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, set up by Nelson Mandela in 1994 – more details below.

logoNelson Mandela’s vision for the future of South Africa, his personal commitment and sacrifice, his role in leading his country into a new democratic era are recognised the world over, and have made him an iconic world leader.One of his first actions on becoming President of the newly democratic South Africa in 1994 was to establish the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund.He pledged one third of his salary for his five years as President during which time the Fund rapidly developed its work and is now seen as one of the leading children’s charities in South Africa.The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund works to give children a better life and better future. It fundamentally believes that you cannot separate the well being of children from the communities in which they live.Taking a long term view, NMCF works closely with community partners, aiming to develop and strengthen them so that they can continue the work for children into the future. In this way NMCF’s work ensures a better, more stable future for children and young people.

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Casey Fitzgerald has Cerebral Palsy.  On January 24th 2012 Casey had life changing surgery to enable her to walk, run and ride a bike like any other 6 year old. The surgery went well and now the long two year road of aftercare begins. It is going to be hard but well worth it, to make sure the surgery optimises Casey’s dreams some more funds must be raised, to pay for aftercare.

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